About Us

ACG comprises of members of different religions; Hinduism being the predominant one. But there are Jains, Muslims, Catholics and even on occasion those of the Jewish faith! It is a true testament to the diversity of India!

We are primarily a humanity value based organization – and our members are those who have an affinity or interest in the Gujarati cultures and traditions. Non-Gujarati speaking members have joined ACG through affiliation with friends and/or through marriage, thereby increasing the diversity of our membership.

Our activities also reflect the diverse nature of our membership. We have undertaken to offer a wide variety of mixed cultural activities… for senior citizen we have computer learning, health camp, English speaking , for youth activities like camping trips, picnics, Holi celebrations, Navratri/Garba jubilations, Diwali festivities, Ganesh Pooja, Christmas and so much more! … Talk about a melding of cultures!!


We are a non-profit cultural organization with a mission to preserve, cherish and celebrate Gujarati heritage by providing exposure and opportunity to the present and future members, with a admirable value of respect to elders , love to all.


Shape the future by preserving Gujarati cultural and linguistic heritage through diversity and sense of belonging for the upcoming and future generations of the membership.


To become a resource for all members of the community, make everyone lives healthy, happy and prospers lives by joint efforts. To create interdependent relationship amongst several diverse Gujarati community members through joint efforts.

To offer multiple services, educational social programs to the community.

We believe that with continued support, we can reach our goal of becoming larger, stronger and more effective.


Counseling and networking to membership, Community Respect, Promote and maintain diversity in organization, Responsibility, Accountability, Honesty and Openness, Self-respect and mutual dignity in dealing with one another, Collaboration, Fun, and Family Values.

As we enter into the new century, we want to lead Gujarati community to new technology by providing internet edge, allowing our youth to participate with excitement and enthusiasm, who will proudly continue to carry our heritage. With the help of every ACG member, our goals and dreams can be reality. We encourage each and every Gujarati family to participate in ACG by becoming a member and participate in its activities and help us grow.